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These pages are just a quick introduction to the hobby. There is an immense amount of information on-line. Below are some of the high points from the web.

  • Rocketry Online is the portal for rocketry. Make sure to browse right here on INFOcentral for much more in-depth information. The Forums provide a way to ask follow and participate in discussions on rocketry topics and to ask for help or more information.

  • The rec.models.rockets FAQ is detailed and well-organized. This is a great place to go after this page.

  • is a portal for amateur rocketry information. Start here for more information about amateur (experimental) rocketry.

  • The National Association of Rocketry is the oldest hobby rocketry organization and is primarily focused on model and mid-power rocketry. You can find information on clubs near you on their web site and going to a local launch is a fantastic way to get involved.

  • The Tripoli Rocketry Association is the U.S. national organization devoted to high-power rocketry. There should be a Tripoli prefecture or two in your state and you can probably attend a high-power launch within a month or two.

  • The Canadian Association of Rocketry is the Canadian national hobby organization.

  • Space Team Online is a nice site on rocketry for educators, including many low-cost projects for the classroom.



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